Heartburn or Upset Tummy, What Can I Do?

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Diarrhea, Heartburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrom, Upset tummy | 0 comments

Have you ever gotten stomach pain or heartburn in the middle of the night when the shops are closed? 

Here is a quick tip for you Fennel seeds that you have in your cupboard can be your saving grace.

Just a teaspoon of dried fennel seeds to a cup of boiling water and leave to seep for about 5 to 10 mins, and then drink you should notice the pain subsiding quite quickly.

Fennel herbal properties are a carminative, spasmolytic and antimicrobial plus many more.  What does this mean, well in lay persons terms it is good for intestinal colic, flatulence, flatulent coline, nausea, diarrhoea also works great if you have Irritable bowel syndrome.  Safe with other medications and foods, best taken before eating, if possible or at onset of pain.

If symptoms persistent see a healthcare professional for investigation.