I am sure you have heard many fitness professionals and news reporters telling you exercise is great to lose weight and you should be doing x amount of exercise everyday to lose weight for x amount of minutes and it goes on and on. 

 I am here to tell you not to listen to them and tell you NOT to exercise.

You: “Say What?? You must be crazy!!” (Confused and excited at the same time)

Me: What is the point of forcing yourself to do something everyday that you don’t enjoy and makes you miserable in the hopes that you will reach your goal? 

You: Ok I see your point. You have convinced me, you don’t need to explain it to me.

Me: Wait what? I will explain it anyway. I want you to find something you enjoy doing, whether its dancing, chores, mowing the lawn, fixing things or spending time with the kids, running after them and playing with them. Do more of these. Create time to do more of those more often and you will find yourself happier, healthier, and start losing the weight. The more physical activity you perform the more energy you burn the more weight you lose. NO ONE SAYS IT CANT BE ENJOYABLE 

So you don't want to exercise and want to lose weight?

Give us a call and book in an appointment with me to find out more and we can figure out together what drives you, then develop a personalised plan for you